Timers - How to Set-Up

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Congratulations! You’ve chosen the Anelace “Electric Sand®” Timer.
The package contains a timer and 3 "AA" batteries.

It resembles a standard sand timer but has the distinct advantage of allowing you to set and read with precision a measured time between 1 minute and 60 minutes. Also, whenever the timer is running, additional time - up to the maximum full-scale of 60 minutes - can be added.

When the time runs out, the display flashes and an audible alarm alerts you.

Getting started: On the rear of the timer, remove the battery cover by lifting up on the release latch (Fig. 1) and pulling lightly. Install the three "AA" batteries in the directions indicated in the markings (Fig. 2). Replace the battery cover by catching the upper tab, then push the lower edge until it clicks into place.

Turning on the timer: To start the timer, slide the Battery Save switch (Fig. 3) to the upper position. The bottom 15 LEDS will light up. [If they don’t, verify that the batteries are charged and are installed correctly.]

Starting or Adding time: There are three buttons on the bottom edge of the timer (Fig. 4). With each push, the buttons will add 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute, respectively. For example, to set the timer for 20 minutes, push and release the “10” button twice. As soon as a button is pushed, the timer will start counting down. This will be indicated by the circular sweep of the LEDs in the disk in the center of the timer.
Note: These complete a full circle each second.

The maximum time (all top 15 LEDs lit) is 60 minutes. The minimum time is 1 min. The minimum increment is 1 min.

When the time runs out: When the preset time has elapsed, the bottom array of 15 LEDs will begin to flash on and off continuously. The buzzer will activate 4 times. Thereafter, until the timer is turned off or additional time is added, the buzzer will beep about twice per minute as a reminder. After about 1/2 hour, the unit will enter sleep mode and extinguish lights and buzzing.

Clearing the Timer/Clearing the Time-out Alerts:
To stop the timer - or to stop the flashing lights and buzzer after timing out - press down and release the button on the top of the timer.

Battery Life: To maximize battery life, slide the Battery Save switch (Fig. 3) to its Down position whenever you’re done using the timer.
Fig. 1
Push up to open battery door
Fig. 2
Install Batteries
Fig. 3
Power aSave
Fig. 4
Starting or Adding Time

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