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We provide regional support for Europe:

If you have a 230V Powers of 2® clock in Europe,
please contact

In all other regions, contact Anelace at

Also, see our warranty on the product instruction sheet that came with the unit, or on the Warranty page of this site.

If your clock does not have a "DIM" switch, and came with a 120V adapter, and if your clock runs fast (about 10 minutes per hour), please try this (you may have activated the 50 Hz mode):

1) Unplug the adapter from the wall.
2) Wait about 10 seconds for the unit to reset internally.
3) Plug the adapter back in. Be very careful not to touch the "M" (minute) set button when you do this!
4) Set the clock and see if the problem is solved.

To Operate from 230V, 50 Hz (does not apply to models sold in Europe):

You will need to use a 230V to 120V transformer. On Powers of 2® models without a "DIM" button, be sure to hold in the "M" button on the rear of the clock in while you apply power.
Please check our FAQ page to see if
your question is already answered.

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