Marquee Messager® Alarm Clock
Anelace is pleased to introduce our newest product:
The Anelace Marquee Messager®
Portable Alarm Clock and Electronic Messaging Display
4.3" (H) x 2.9" (W)
The Marquee Messager® is a whole new product concept!

• A handsome, sturdy finish with a bright, large red LED display
• A simple user interface for basic clock operation and for message displays
Features Include:

• Built-in support stand
• Snooze alarm / brightness set button
• Flip-open cover that exposes 12-key pad to enter messages and set options
• Optional Battery backup (uses 3 "AA" batteries not included); power-saving featuers
Powers of 2® BCD Clocks
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XLD - Blue
XLD - Red
These new clocks are based on our popular desktop versions of the Powers of 2® clocks. They bring a new level of elegance to binary time!

• A soft matte finish and bright, attractive crystalline displays
• The clocks measure 12.3" x 12.3" are are a slim 1.25" deep
• Available in red LED and blue LED versions
• Comes ready to mount on the wall; includes adjustable support stands for desktop or credenza display
Features include:

• BCD or "True" binary display options, selectable by switch
• 12 hour and 24 hour display, selectable by switch
• 3 brightness levels
• Battery backup of time during power loss (uses 3 "AA" batteries not included)
• Automatic detection of 50 and 60 Hz ac
We continue to offer our popular desktop models - the Classic Red and Crystal Blue Powers of 2® BCD Clocks
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Classic - Red
Crystal Blue
Features include:

• A "DIM" button for 3 levels of LED brightness
• Optional "true binary" display
• Automatic detection of 50 and 60 Hz ac
All Anelace Clocks - Classic Red, Crystal Blue, Red XLD, Blue XLD Powers of 2® - have versions designed for European use
Some of the unique features we offer in the European versions are:
• CE certification.
• A 230V ac adapter to power the clock.
• Automatic detection of 50 and 60 Hz ac
• Distribution from Europe to keep unit costs as low as possible.
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EU =>
For more information on the European versions
go to: Where To Buy: Europe
Electric Sand® Timers
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The high tech way to measure time in the kitchen,
the conference room or at your workbench
Bright LED's simulate falling sand. It looks like a sand timer,
but it does so much more!

• 3 buttons to set precise time in increments of 1, 5 or 10 minutes up to a maximum of 1 hour.
• A beeper and flashing lights alert you when the timer runs out.
• Single button cancel / clear.
• Add time while the timer is running.
• Read exactly how much time remains; the molded guide on the timer's back assists you.
• Battery saving features.

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