Marquee Messager®

The Anelace Marquee Messager®
Portable Alarm Clock & Electronic Messaging Display
Unique - Practical - Stylish

Use it for time and alarm

Use it to post attention-grabbing messages
• Three Display options: Time-only, message-only, and time followed by message
• Create and select from one of 4 personalized messages - each up to 28 characters long
• Compact design for display and travel
• Messages are saved even when power is removed
• Selectable display scan speed (9 speeds)
• Two brightness levels
• Easy-set alarm time with alarm-on indicator; 10 minute snooze alarm
• 12/24 hour display choice
• Battery backup (uses 3 'AA' batteries, not included) and battery-saving options
• Familiar, easy to use, 12-key pad for message entry and option selection. (see character chart)
To learn more: download the Instruction Sheet from our Downloads page
Character chart and layout
Options Details

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