Clock Setup2

Setting up your new
“Powers of 2®” clock

[A] Plug the connector at the end of the power unit cord into the socket in the hole in the bottom of the clock.
[B] Turn the cord to slip it into the channel, and then
[C] rotate the cord to secure it in place.

- Now, plug the power unit into an electrical outlet that matches the adapter that came with your unit (read the label on the adapter). Anelace sells three versions: a 120V / 60 Hz outlet model for the normal North American power line, and 2 diffferent 220-240V / 50 Hz version for most other places in the world: one with an EU plug (see Fig.E) and one with a plug suitable for U.K. ac mains sockets (see Fig. F). A row of lights will scan up and down on the face of the clock to indicate that the clock has been powered on, but that the time has not yet been set. This scan will exercise all 20 lights.

- Caution: Make sure you are not holding down any of the set buttons while you are plugging the unit in. This will result in 24 hr or Binary mode.

• Setting the time [D]

- Hours: To set hours, push and release the button marked “H” on the rear of the clock to advance the hours by one unit. Holding the "H" button down will automatically cycle the hours forward.
- Minutes: To set minutes, repeat the above procedure, except use the button marked “M”.
- Seconds: To reset the seconds’ counter to zero, push the “H” and the “M” buttons at the same time. Release them both to allow the seconds to advance.

• Special Options

- DIM: There are 3 brightness settings for the LED's. Press the "DIM" button found near where the power cord is plugged into the clock to cycle through the settings.
-24 Hour clock: To activate the 24 hour mode (11 PM = 2300), hold in the "H" button when applying power to the unit.
-Binary Mode: The clock can be set to operate in "true" binary as oppposed to the default BCD mode. In binary mode, the bottom row of lights represents seconds, the second row up from the bottom represents minutes, and the next row up represents hours (the top row is not used). To enter binary mode, hold in the "M" button when applying power to the unit.
- To activate true binary in 24 hour mode, hold the "H" and "M" buttons in while applying power.
NOTE: on the latest units from Anelace, there is another way to set the 24 Hour and the Binary Mode options which can be accomplished while the clock is running:

--> Push and HOLD the DIM swithc; while doing so:
- push and release the "H' button to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour mode.
- push and release the "M' button to toggle between BCD and 'true' binary mode.

EU Power Adapter
UK Power Adapter
See How to read the clock and Example for more information

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