Binary Clocks

Powers of 2® BCD Clocks
XLD - Blue
XLD - Red
Classic Red
Crystal Blue
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All Clocks are offered in 110V, 230V UK and 230V EU versions.

Some of the unique features we offer in the European versions are:
• CE certification.
• A 230V ac adapter to power the clock.
• Automatic detection of 50 and 60 Hz ac
• Distribution from Europe to keep unit costs as low as possible.
For more information on the European versions
go to: Where To Buy: Europe
It's fun to watch the constantly changing patterns in this light display...but the best thing about these compact units is that they are actually clocks!

They use binary code - the language of computers - to show the time. After a few minutes' practice, you'll be able to read the time by adding the values of the lit LEDs in each column.

To learn more see How to read the clock

For a desktop version of the BCD clock, visit our Download page

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