About Us

Anelace Inc. is a privately held California corporation, established in June 2000.

Our Mission:

Anelace Inc. is dedicated to providing unique, creative and truly functional products of the highest quality and reliability.

The Team:

The founders of Anelace Inc. brought years of product design and development experience to the company, including responsibility for many well-known products from Bell Laboratories, Xerox, and Apple, Inc.

Our Products:

Each of the Anelace Inc. "Powers of 2®" binary clocks (the Classic and Crystal Blue desk versions, and the XLD clocks, designed to be displayed on a wall or credenza - all with 120V and 230V versions) have been designed not only to create a fun-to-watch light display, but also to provide a unique way to display time. Enjoy it yourself or give it as a gift - it's not just for 'techies.'

The "Electric Sand® Timer" uses brightly-lit LEDs to simulate falling sand. It looks like a sand timer, but it does so much more.

Our newest product is the "Marquee Messager®" Portable Alarm Clock and Message Display.

Customer Feedback:

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Anelace on YouTube:

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Design / Manufacturing Consulting:

On a selective basis, Anelace Inc. provides design and/or manufacturing consulting services for original products that are consistent with our mission.

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